Mr. Sandoval

Ms. Vu

Community School Director & Parent Coordinator

Ms. Taube

Mr. Donaldson

Teacher Leadership

Ms. Pardo

Ms. Roche

Mr. Schulman

Guidance Department

Ms. Williams

Guidance Counselor

Ms. Uribe

Bilingual Social Worker/Guidance Counselor

Mr. Schaffer

Guidance Counselor

Support Staff

Mr. Collado

School Aide

Ms. Gooding

Pupil Secretary

Ms. Foster

School Secretary

Math department

Mr. Egharevba

Algebra I, II, Geometry and Coding

Mr. Okpala

Algebra I, Geometry and Architecture

Arts Department

Ms. Flore

Theatre Arts, Global Studies & US History

Mr. Brother Bassano

African Drumming

Foreign Langauge Department

Ms. Morales

AP Spanish, SPAN101 and Intermediate Spanish

English as New Language Department

Ms. Moore

ENL/ELA and Science

Ms. Helmig

ENL/ELA and Social Studies

English Department

Ms. Harrison

AP Literature, ENG 112, ELA 10 and AVID

Ms. Palleiro

ELA 9, AVID, College Advisory and One Goal

Ms. Pardo

AP Language, One Goal and ELA 11

Physical Education

Mr. Gunderson

Phys. Ed/ Dean

History Department

Mr. Schulman

History 101, 200 and Participation in Gov’t

Mr. Sierra

Global Studies and US History

and Dean

Mr. Haberman

History 102, YPLAN, Student Voices Collaborative

Instructional Support services

Ms. Wilson

ELA 12, ELA 10 and ELA 11

Ms. Maerz

Speech Teacher and REWARDS Instructor

Ms. Roche

Earth Science, ELA 12 and Peer Collaborative Teacher

Ms. Clemmons

Algebra I, History 101, 200 and Participation in Gov’t

Science Department

Ms. Laino

Physics, Microsoft Academy and Principles of Engineering

Ms. Lines

AP Biology, BIO 101 and Living Environment

Mr. Salwen

Earth Science and Urban Ecology